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Wireless Microwave Contactless Sensor WS-410-3

The WS-410-3 Series touchless sensor are Microwave devices designed to activate full and low energy automatic doors.

Their hands free operation makes them ideal for ADA applications. Other applications include clean-room access points, request-to-exit devices (3 amp contact) and point-of-purchase displays. The WS-410-3 is microprocessor controlled allowing for superior operation in a smaller unit.

WS-410-3 also is a wireless sensor,that can be easy to be used for many application,and don't need to connect the wire to the controller.

Can be used with WS-310 Series Wireless Receiver



Microwave (MCU inside)

Detection Range 5 cm ~ 50 cm
Radiated Frequency 10.525GHZ
Operating Mode Sensor:Stand by after hold time
Supply Voltage 220V/110V AC
Output Hopping Code Wireless Transmitter Signal
Holding Time(Adjustable) 0.5~10s (Sense Mode)
Dimensions 86 mm x 86 mm x 41 mm

Main Features
Microwave motion sensor used as wireless sensor;

Avoids any contact with hands or elbows for absolute hygiene;

Adjustable sensing field, between 5 and 50 cm;

Can be completely recessed into any surface;

Insensitive to color, temperature or reflection from the target;

Mounting Box