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Keep Renewing & Innovating

The development of Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. went through constant changing renewing and innovating in order to be able to match the requirements of the International market after China's accession to WTO.

In the meantime,the senior management of Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. has deeply understood that "opportunity comes out of competition".

The company has developed a multi-dimensional approach and built up a brand-new corporate operation pattern.

Take Human Resource as Basia

The development of enterprise from its workforce and its management. Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. has consistently combined corporate faith with the staff's expectations,carried forward the corporate moral of "sincerity ,unity , development and entrepreneurship" fostering a corporate culture of "integration of enterprise and staff".

Wafer has reengineered the staff management system attaching great importance and respect of its workforce expectations.

Honour Commitment with wholeheartedness

The company has firmly upheld to the sincerity and honoured its commitment.

It enjoyed the interaction with far-sighted people across the world and their powerful supports.

Wafer Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. is convinced that only by relying on the good faith and honoured commitment,the firm can develop in a steady and sound way and win a place in the market full of fierce competition.