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WF-1001 Automatic door presence sensor

The infrared automatic door presence sensor adds the self diagnosis function of judging whether the sensor has any problems.

It is assigned with 4 rows of areas including in front of the door,and fitted with high density structure,so the detecting function is raised.

Because it can eliminate the 4 rows of detecting area one by one ,it can assign the long distance area and the short distance area freely.

According to the newly asssigned snow status(By switch transferring) it can prevent the error action caused by snow or bug.

According to the micro computer control ,it can assign the limited static detection tme intot 4 periods ( 2 secoonds,15 seconds, 60 seconds,180 seconds).

Wide range area or narrow range area can be assigned through turning the range knob simply.

Sensor Specification:

Principle: Reflective type infrared detector

Max.Mounting height: 3m

Sensitivity adjusting : YES

Power supply: AC12-100V / DC12-36V