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KDS-2002 Parking Space Detector for Parking Guidance system


1. Specially design to detect moving vehicles or objects.
2. Compatible with any wireless or remote control security system. Applicable for controlling all types of entry gates.
3. Equip with advanced ultrasound detector to eliminate the false alarm problem.
4. An easy external control DIPswitch to set multiple detection ranges between 1.2 and 5 meter. Alarm activation by any moving object within the preset range.
5. Separate detector and control module facilitating easy installation and maintenance
6. Color indicator LED showing the status of the alarm functioning.
7. An advanced parking space inventory device capable of detecting exact locations of available parking space in a multi-story parking ramp.
8. Integration of KDS-2002 with intelligent parking ramp software capable of correctly directing the driver from the entry point with indicating light on the drive way to the exact pre-assigned location of available parking space in a multi-story parking ramp. Also capable of directing the driver with indicating light on the driveway back to exit point.
9. ABS plastic finishing for durability and aesthetic.
10. Specifications:
Input Voltage : DC 12 V/24V
Ampere : 40 mA
Detection Method : Ultrasound/Laser reflection
Frequency : 40 KHz
Detection Speed : 100 m/Sec
Detection Distance : 1.2~ 5M
Detection Angle : 15 degree
Alarm Signal : Dry connection relay normal output
Working Temperature : 32℉ ~122℉(0℃~50℃)
Dimension : Diameter 10 cm and Height 4 cm
Weight : 140 g